Survey Weighting

Let’s say you’re a survey marketeer and you’re working on a project for BMW. You’ve done the necessary fieldwork and checked the results of the sample you’ve taken. However hard you’ve tried to get a fair and balanced sample, more men responded to your survey than women.

Of course you’re aware you need a 50/50 balance, as there are about as many women on the planet as there are men. More men responded, which isn’t all that unlikely – men are more likely to participate in a survey about cars in general and BMW in particular. So, you have a problem: too many men in the sample. Do you just can the survey? Do all the field work again?

No. To solve the mismatch you can either remove some men from the sample or apply a technique known as Survey Weighting to balance the sample. By doing this you’ll have a mathematically correct sample. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep all the surveys in the data set.

Our tool at allows you to do Survey Weighting very easily. Sample Weighting makes it possible to correct imbalances and imperfections in all your samples within 10 minutes. Using our tool allows you to provide representative – and therefore the best – results for your clients.

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Statistical Weighting

When you want to be certain that you’re sample is representative for the population you’ve studied you can use a technique or procedure called statistical weighting. If you’re looking for a representative sample, it has to be of the same composition as the population that you’re studying.

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Statistical Weighting Methods

When you’re looking for a statistical weighting procedure or application, it is very important to remember that the key to a balanced and representative sample is controlling for known biases in comparison with the target population.

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