Data Weighting

One of my clients approached me the other day and asked me: 

‘Look I’m running this survey and realize that I’m not getting enough young males in my sample. For whatever reason, they’re not responding as much as they should. I only have limited resources and time to find these respondents so I have to cut off the fieldwork time now. This means that I’m going to be left with too few males in that category. Can data waiting help me with that?’ 

I explained to him yes, that is exactly what data weighting is for. When you know that you have a mismatch in your sample, and you know what the compensation should be. You can apply data weighting to correct those biases in your sample.

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Statistical Weighting

When you want to be certain that you’re sample is representative for the population you’ve studied you can use a technique or procedure called statistical weighting. If you’re looking for a representative sample, it has to be of the same composition as the population that you’re studying.

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Statistical Weighting Methods

When you’re looking for a statistical weighting procedure or application, it is very important to remember that the key to a balanced and representative sample is controlling for known biases in comparison with the target population.

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