Data weighting tool


Sample Weighting is the tool for fixing mismatches in your samples. Our tool saves time, is easy to use and packed with useful features to assure your results are weighted correctly.

Upload your datasets directly.

Users of the tool can use their own dataset with the answers of hundreds of respondents to a survey. They can save this dataset as an excel or csv file. The excel or csv file can then be uploaded into the app.

Manage your projects

Set whether a project is public or private (in teams). If a customer/company with several employees uses the tool, it can be useful to share users’ projects with each other or not to share them with each other because it would otherwise be confusing for users.

Split datasets to multiple subsets

If your dataset consists of multiple subsets (for example – a dataset composed of multiple weekly datasets that all need to be weighted separately for each week) you can assign the ‘week’ variable to split your dataset so the tool will automatically weight each week separately. 

Smart target setting

Instead of manually entering targets one by one, users can copy / paste targets into the application or they can upload an excel file containing the targets.

Control your weight factors

To avoid or control excessive weight factors for individual cases, a user can set a maximum allowed value for any individual weight.

Add projection factors

You can add a projection factor so that each respondent’s weight factor will be multiplied by the amount of persons he/she represents in the target audience. For example, You have 100 respondents that are representing 5000 university students. Each respondent represents 50 students.

Great weighting reports

Clear report in the tool and exportable as pdf. This shows the result of the weighting; overview of all targets achieved per variable; Effective sample size (measure of how heavily weighted); min and max weights. 

Edit or copy projects

All settings remain the same for subsequent weightings. You can execute a project again by copying a previously executed project. All your settings and targets are already filled in, so you only have to change what is relevant and not fill in all the targets and settings again.